Slogan : Sky has No Limit
Why Evolved : Dikhega tho Bikega; aur akash mein zyada door tak dikhta hai, esliye zyada aur door tak bikta hai.

The world has changed from ground to the sky market for any or every thing to be purchased. Amazon, Flip kart, Alibaba, Snapdeal etc., are the sky shops, which have changed the style of shopping within a few span of years.

The Trend & Tendency of the people for buying has considerably changed to online. Now, It has become of utmost importance to showcase the product & services in the sky. Even big brands on ground-reality do need their sky-presence in the form of Web-Portals and selling it off in the sky itself. Absence in the sky, has become a synonym of non-existence in the market of the brand/product to most of the people in general.

In short, googling has overtaken the omnipotent virtue of the GOD.

This IT-ENABLED-PRODUCT-SERVICE is to serve the clientele, start from Micro-Retailer to Macro-Giants in the business, who are into trading of their products/services in the market.

‘Dikhega to Bikega’ is the Base line theory of this Product-Service. Here, we empower you to show your product/services in decorative, managed and simply-mannered way to show your strength in sky.

Price : ₹ 15,000/-