Welcome to Aum HEALS. Adopting Healthier Life-Style along with the latest technological advancements; is the foundation of the treatment philosophy at Aum HEALS.

Unlike Modern Medicines, the Aum Healer sees a symptom as a signal that something is wrong. According to Aum Healers' knowledge, when a symptom alone is eliminated, it is most likely being suppressed. Unless the original cause has also been eliminated, the symptom may return later in a chronic form.

We, at Aum HEALS, firmly believe and the fact is well known to us that if an individual achieves the goal of health through medication, (may be from Eastern or western system of medicines) or even by staying at some resort or spa treatment centre; then he does neither see any role of change of life style nor he is confident to attain or retain the health through change of life style, being at home.

He becomes the slave of medication or dependant on some other person for his very own health. Whereas Aum HEALS promotes the inherent power of the body of the individual to heal itself.

This goal of health is achieved just by making some small changes in the life style as desired and directed by the body itself. Naturopath is the keen observer of these small but important symptoms, raised by the body to understand the need of the day and he guides accordingly and educates the individual as well, to read this symptoms, their meaning and the counter actions to repair and maintain the body at present and in future also, if required.